Short-term volunteering

The Happy Farms of Upper, Lower and New Hamlets all have 4-week long volunteering positions available. For the duration of the volunteering you will be a Happy Farmer, working and practising as part of the team and part of the Plum Village community. You find more information about how we work and practice here. We encourage applicants have attended at least one retreat in this tradition. Because the work can be physically demanding we ask that only those in good physical condition apply. Volunteering on the Happy Farm involves more working hours than a regular retreatant.

Please apply with a letter of about your motivation to practice and farm along with a short CV to the relevant hamlet.

FOR MEN and Couples:

The Upper Hamlet farm welcomes volunteers during the months of June, July and the first half of August. Please email your letter to the following address to apply.

FOR WOMEN and Couples:

Positions are in both the Lower and New Hamlet farms available starting from 15 March. Especially during the months of May, June and July we are looking for people who like to work and practise with us on the farm. Please email your letter to the following address to apply.

Lower Hamlet Happy Farm:  Positions in Lower Hamlet are full for 2019. Please apply to New Hamlet's farm.

New Hamlet Happy Farm: